Difference between RPO & Staffing

We have elevated from an era when sourcing candidates was done through word-of-mouth or by traditional print ads. The rapid change in business scenario demanded every business arm to function synchronously and work with dedication giving prime importance to deadlines and set goals. This ideology spread across industries and all work profiles. Sourcing talent pool within time frames became essential as supreme productivity & customer delivery became the prime focus of every business.

With the advent of RPO services, organizations have embraced the new and faster way of sourcing candidates. The flexibility and convenience with RPO companies gave organizations a peace of mind and time to focus on prime business matters. In due course, with the RPO business flourishing, the difference between a RPO company and a staffing firm started getting indefinite.

It would be wrong to say that a RPO company and a staffing firm play a similar role when it comes to recruitment. As a matter of fact, there is a huge difference between the scopes of their work dimensions. While a RPO service provider works as proactive associate, a staffing firm restricts itself being to a reactive and a contingent service provider.

A RPO firm becomes a dynamic partner and extends it arms to take care of end-to-end recruitment cycle. Moreover, as experts in this domain, they take care of the employer’s brand, human resource planning, technology, research and setting new trends. One can say that a RPO firm uses its expertise to empower their clients at root level which gives them access to the latest processes and upgrades that uplift them in human resource strategies. In short, a RPO company plays a big role than just restricting itself to recruitments.

A staffing firm gains popularity because of its quick and speedy response to the vacant positions in an organization. These agencies, with the help of their experienced recruiters in specific industry will identify talent based on the particular job description provided by the client. The later part of interviewing, recruiting, salary negotiation, joining formalities could be handled at client’s end.

Where a staffing firm comes to immediate rescue in filling the resource and provides a dedicated wing of service, a RPO firm has a much more elaborate role to play in an organization. Though both of paramount importance, it ideally depends on an individual’s need to decide which one to opt for. End of the day, quality and commitment play a key role in recruitment.