Going the RPO Way

In recruitment, if you want to achieve economies of scale, the best way is to opt for RPO services. Having said this, we just thought of justifying this statement and get into some reality check. RPO Services India

The headline of a reputed newspaper recently read “Recruitment outsourcing is the next big thing; expected to grow 50% a year”. This scenario holds true for RPO companies in India where an estimated growth of Rs. 400 crore is anticipated. The staffing and RPO agencies in India have geared up in order to cater to growing offshore recruitment demands and some are even looking at evaluating partnership option with international RPO firms.

The reality behind the surge in demand for RPO services in India essentially contributes to the benefits that the client organization seeks through the association. To each one is its own; relating to this phrase, some client companies look for deriving cost efficiency, some look for convenience and many look for a combination of several factors. The agenda at each corner however zeroes down to one single and i.e. scaling quality of candidate recruit within minimum budgets and stipulated timeframes.

So, let’s have a look at how RPO companies actually help in reducing recruitment cost.
With the given dynamic market scenario and companies depended on global market condition, one can never expect consistency in business growth. Imagine the productivity of the in-house recruitment team at times of recession; almost negligible! And if the condition prevails for a longer time, the annual balance sheet shall definitely be alarming! On the other hand, outsourcing talent requirement to a RPO partner saves one from such dreadful situation. Over here, you would be obliged to pay only when you have a requirement and which is duly fulfilled!! This advantage makes the RPO industry in-demand forever.

Looking further, assuming, if your business expands from IT to manufacturing industry, let’s check out the feasibility of your internal IT recruiter to fill up positions for your upcoming manufacturing unit. Can you be sure of their expertise in recruiting for varied industry verticals? Oppositely, a RPO firm houses recruiters who have expertise in various industry domains. Therefore, you avoid going pillar to post in hunt of the right talent pool while looking for resources with different industry backgrounds and skill sets.

Last but not the least, you do not have to outsource the entire recruitment cycle to RPO’s. If you need help only to shortlist CV’s, RPO partners can help you with your segregated need. This proves to be an added advantage in recruitment process.

Reduced cost, fast hire and shared risk are some of the vital reasons that make the client organizations outsource recruitment to RPO vendors. No wonder, this industry anticipates a potential growth.