Hold On, I need to choose the Best One!!!

When the entire world has been taken away by the storm of Information Technology, no wonder the demand and supply of IT talent pool also grew in proportions. IT recruiter was a new phenomenon that surfaced after a tremendous growth in need of IT professionals. The current scenario is such that the dearth of IT candidates is almost a dreadful situation for any company.  With this given statement, IT companies started looking out for experienced offshore IT recruiters to fill the talent gap.

Unfortunately, the turnover ratio of IT sector is also too high and job hopping is a common game. Undoubtedly, the trend of outsourcing comes to relief and organizations were more than happy to shoulder this responsibility to offshore RPO agencies.

When this trend has already set in, we just thought of going back to the square one and check out the qualities that clients seek while choosing the Best and affordable Recruitment Process Outsourcing partners.

Before we touch base on this topic, let me ask you-Are you sure that going through recruitment agencies website or reading their testimonials builds your instinct? I have a doubt here. Probably I may not opt for this methodology to choose the best one for me!

I really don’t know how much this would help you, but thought of narrowing down some key selection criteria’s that might come handy.

  • Avoid connecting with a partner who has a high turnover rate. You surely cannot expect results from someone who is facing the same challenges as yours. Right?
  • How well is the recruitment agency connected socially? Do not forget that social media is the hottest channel of recruitment.
  • Testimonials could be at times not really genuine; however, it would make sense if you connect randomly with couple of referrals from the list provided.
  • While talking to referrals, check out the time around the RPO agency takes to fill up a position.
  • Check their database pool! Do they have enough databases so as your requirements can be fulfilled?
  • Quality of recruiters matters a lot!! Try getting individual recruiters feedback. This can be sought on social platforms such as LinkedIn where a professional is endorsed for his/her skill-sets.

L7 Resources which has been a reliable offshore recruitment partner for many clients, just thought of making your choice a better one!