I am a Super Recruiter

cost-effective-rpo-servicesRecruitment today has almost become teeth-gritting job; where recruiters at times, do not even mind “encroaching” to get the right talent on board. Besieged between the unrealistic demand of the employer or the clients and the exaggerated profiles of candidates put up on the job-board, a recruiter finds himself in a hodge-podge situation.

Filling up positions is no more a stereotyped process. One needs to perform a combination of gimmicks to catch hold of the gold fish. Clinging to the support of Cost-Effective RPO Services comes as a rescue to employers and it’s no surprise to see the RPO team doing a marvelous job. So what different do the RPO service providers do compared to internal recruiters? With a prominent difference in the role of an internal recruiter and a RPO firm, bottom line, both are in hunt of the right candidate.

If you too wish to be in the category of Super Recruiter, you cannot miss implementing the below:

Think like a salesperson: A recruiter eventually has the responsibility to market the job and the organization. In short, he becomes the brand ambassador of the company for whom he is recruiting. If one thinks like a sales person, the velocity of hooking a fish increases, and the persuasive factor prevails till one is successful in influencing a candidate.

Why not tap the Passive searchers: With only a meager total of 21 percent of active candidates who are in look out of a job, it is really a difficult task to screen this same database periodically. Recruiting is just like the sales funnel. Fresh blood needs to be pumped in, in order to churn out a good candidate. So why not tap the passive searchers? Rather than fiddling with the database of the active job seekers every time, a savvy recruiter should hone himself to convert the passive job seekers into active ones.

Learn to read Data: Any data is just not a set of words or numbers. Data speaks a lot if comprehended properly. A recruiter could be tech-savvy and can extract numerous data. What is important is mining the data properly so that the recruiter can contribute towards decision-making process. At any given point of time hiring decisions based on data metrics is always recommended than going by one’s instinct.

Innovativeness is the key: Talent hunt is an art. Following the troop will only land you up with job boards and social platforms. As a modern recruiter, one really needs to think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas that set you apart from the horde of recruiters. Get on your toes and get creative. You will realize the key to success was in your hands and not in the desperate traditional attempts that you made!