Let’s Hit the Bulls Eye

We are sure that you have come to this post only after in agreement with the previous one. Although, for you, the challenges of a recruiter are not unknown, we thought of making you again revisit the difficult corners of the process. The fact that recruitment is not as easy as gulping down your favorite delicacy, so thought of getting ready before we start dressing our wounds.

There seems to be a disparity in understanding what the management needs and the performance showcased by the internal team. Today most of the organizations are grappling with the vicious circle of recruitment and seem to be paralyzed either with incapable resources or an unfortunate hook up with wrong recruitment process outsourcing partners. recruitment process

In desperate bid to fill up the positions, almost 37% recruiters hire the wrong people. Stats reveal that only 12% of candidates have the right skills to match a specific profile. So now, the task becomes more daunting and it is like finding a needle in the haystack. But in this entire ride, the costs head seem to mount up and it is certainly an uninvited situation for the organization.

So, what comes to the rescue? If you feel that outsourcing this process makes your job easy, beware, you really need to do some homework before you actually hire someone. Let’s talk this out in the next post and get a real feel of what goes in the realm of efficient recruitment processing partners.