Recruitment Outsourcing Scenario in India

Almost with the year at wrapping stage, it’s time for everyone to evaluate the gains and the losses. Year 2015 bought in opportunities in abundance and it was a rising trend for the RPO business in India too. The year began with a lucrative forecast for offshore recruitment business and as true to what predicted, RPO in India boomed to reach new milestones. Well, this was not a sudden jump neither the spell of any magic wand. Recruitment outsourcing, which began as a small business entity, eventually grew to become one of the hot and in demand business option for the start-ups as well.

Talent hunt which is one of the basic key pillars of any business evolved big time where every industry and business size had a need. No wonder, small and big players in the market ventured in this to make a fortune. With the rapidly growing demand of talent and recruitment partners to meet the demand, the trade gave rise to an ever-growing RPO industry.

Initially, to outsource recruitment jobs to India or not, was a topic of discussion. Today, the scenario has changed a 360 degree and overseas clients now hunt for the best offshore recruiter who can deliver a good ROI. So, it’s a change of perception which eventually gave rise to a soaring competition.

Indian RPO industry now does not only have giant players but these players are now seen doing major business acquisition in international markets. Mergers and acquisitions of international recruitment and staffing agencies by Indian players are also seen on the rise. This trend proves that the India is a fertile market of dedicated and professional recruiters who are skilled at know-how of international business markets, trend and culture.

All said and done, finally the fittest survives the competition. With too many players mushrooming up, RPO business in India sees a cut-throat competition. However, only the ones who deliver the requisites clubbed with value-added service witnesses acceleration. Committed delivery, quality, timeframe and impromptu communication become the traits for any recruitment partner to steal away the show.