The ‘Positioning’ mantra for apt talent acquisition

To-date, we have been posting blogs on several topics and trying to highlight the trends, concerns, and statistics and have covered topics that would interest the recruitment fraternity. Perhaps, the depth of talent acquisition is so vast, that every time we think of coming up with a new blog, there is always something interesting to offer our readers.

You got us there now! Let’s not beat around the bush and get the ball rolling. Well yes, it’s the mantra that we want to share this time. The business world is filled up to the rim with the Best and Top RPO Companies (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and the demand for right talent just does not recede. Every corner, a recruiter seems to sweat, hunting for talent and coping with the speeding demands from client. There you go digging deep down in your pool of database recruiting the best.

Where do you feel the bottle neck? Ah! Definitely not slack of quality talent. Talent is immense and demand keeps on soaring. The gap is “Positioning”. It’s how you position your client business to the prospective employee. Hooking a fish becomes easier when you position client’s brand creatively and strategically. Sounds difficult?

To position your client properly, just the below two things can take care of your entire talent acquisition strategy. And thereafter laddering goals becomes easier without toppling.

Comprehend Business Information : Understand what the business does, the seasonality of the work, changes in demand or sales, areas of opportunity and long-term plans. This is crucial to understand the dynamic needs of the client and be ready to face the winds of change. For positioning any brand, this is a pre-requisite.

Understand The Competition: Keep a close watch on competitors and understand their positioning. Both, their success and failure, teaches a lesson. So stay tuned on how client competitors are positioning the brand and how do they leverage on their USP’s.

So, you see the mantra is quite simple but needs to be meticulously followed. Excellence is the outcome of perfection which comes out of knowledge, efforts and out of the box thinking.