Who Does A Better Job? External Vs. Internal Recruitment

Sourcing Specialist for RecruitmentInternal vs. External Recruiting, this one definitely is a debatable topic and each company has its own takeaway.  There are many factors that go into consideration while arriving on an answer to the above question. We leave it at individual organizational level to decide which option suits them the best. But the increasing trend of associating with offshore recruitment services or vendors does make us dive into the ground realities of recruitment and find out why this trend is soaring high. Before we start analyzing, let’s first jot down the 3 critical metrics which employers look at, before they decide to go for outsourcing alliance.

  1. Timeframe taken to hire the right talent.
  2. Talent quality
  3. Cost

At this juncture, we try focusing only on these 3 essential factors which are scrutinized by employers before they plan to hire outsourcing specialist.

1.Time taken to Fill the Talent: - You miss this bus and all the efforts are down the drain! Filling up talent within the stipulated timeframe is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect. Although, at times, priorities change, requirements get revised, budgets are crunched, but again the show must go on. Let’s not be apprehensive in confessing that internal resources, at times, tend to get affected by these factors resulting into delay in recruitment.

2.Quality: - No one loves compromising on quality of hire irrespective of the deadlines, budgets or the dynamic changes that keep on happening. Companies need to track this metric in order to decide which channel proves to supersede the other. Both, internal recruiters and the sourcing specialist need to be a part of the mechanism which tracks quality of hire. This can be traced by feedback mechanism and measuring the performance of the hire at periodic intervals.

3.Cost:- Everyone wishes to have the best at a lowest price! But again going by the phrase “If you pay peanuts, you will land-up with monkeys.” To get the best from both the world is surely a juggling activity. If recruitment is not an often activity, it would make no sense in owning an internal team. Apparently, the cost of outsourcing RPO services also needs to be gauged vis-à-vis the ROI.

Whether in-house recruiters make the match or opting for dedicated sourcing specialist is the right way, should ideally be a well-thought decision made by respective companies. The topic remains a controversy and you shall find varied responses coming down the way. Favoritism is a product of fulfillment of goals in this case. So whether internal or external recruiting does a better job is a finding in its own way for companies.